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Why the S-Drive?



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The S-Drive is a powerful tool, providing a wealth of key environmental bio-feedback information in less than 15 minutes direct to your desktop.

We are pleased to introduce you to the S-Drive, a revolutionary technological breakthrough that puts the power of our German Environmental Hair Indexing systems directly into your hands, via the internet, from any country in the world.

Our S-Drive is a ‘first-of-its-kind‘, device that interfaces signature-wave information at the point of use, where it is immediately captured and coded, before being digitised and transferred to Germany, for detailed assessment by our computerised data centre.

In the data centre the received digital data is automatically de-coded and the captured signature-wave is replayed using our in-house computerised algorithmic systems in order to determine a wide variety of environmental influences specific to the captured digitised information from the hair. The captured data is presented in the form of an Environmental Statement which is then automatically returned to the S-Drive connected computer, which first sent the digitised information.

This bespoke process takes less than 15 minutes, providing you with real time information to assist in advising the optimum environment for the tested person.




Environmental Hair Indexing using the S-Drive
The knowledge to create optimum environments

About the influence on our lives

Human beings have lived and evolved in an environment where changes happened gradually. Our forefathers were able to adapt and keep pace with these small environmental changes over thousands of years. Occasionally, dramatic environmental changes did occur quickly, resulting in the demise of certain species or groups. History has taught us that the environment has shaped humankind and it still one of the most important roles in our development today.

Modern Day science now understands and accepts the role of the environment and how it can impact on our overall status.

The study of 'Epigenetics' can indicate the results of these on our personal environment and reflects this impact in our physical being and gene expression. It is now believed that environmental factors are responsible for up to 98% of our physical wellbeing.

This fact makes the environment one of the single most important influences in our daily lives.

Today's challenges

We now live in an environment that has become more and more artificial. This is so alien to our genetic make-up that many people are expressing this in a poor physical way. You need only review the statistics to see what grave effects this is having on human lives.

The body is troubled by toxins in the blood or cells. So it stores these away in hard to find places. Places where they do least harm to the cells and systems of the body. At the same time, blood-nutrient levels are upheld in order to provide the cells with what they need - and can falsely lead to a view that all is normal.
Microbiological factors have evolved to remain undetected by our immune system or to survive and fight again, once the immune thinks it has defeated the intruder. The overall state of our digestive tract and immune system has led to a huge increase in the number of food intolerances and allergies at a number of different sensitivity levels. The effects of electromagnetic fields and extremely low frequencies add even more influence on the human body.

A new technology

Cell Wellbeing has created a new technology which can assist you to get a picture of some of these influences.

Cell Wellbeing recognized that the human signature-waves reflect the body's own electromagnetic system, cellular micro-volt activity and standing wave interactions. These quantum effects are present in biology and research is uncovering their increasing importance to us all. Hair can indicate the environmental impacts as it can store 'information' in the signature-waves emissions.

Now hair samples and attached roots can be interfaced through a specially constructed S-Wave Coil, from which the signature-waves transfer takes place. The S-Wave Coil relays this information to your computer. The information is then digitised, zipped and sent via secure connection to our German Analysis Centre. The zip file is automatically opened and the signature-waves information is processed by our algorithmic systems, which indicate the highest emission intensities data in each category. The resulting data is de-coded to create an Environmental Statement for each person.

Ensuring best results

It is important to note that once hair is removed from its 'energy source', its signature-waves decay rapidly and therefore hair should be scanned instantaneously in order to obtain optimum information.

The signature-waves decay can be proven by taking a second test from the same hair sample, this will then show different results. This is the same principle as taking fruit from a tree, whereby the signature-waves decay in only 8 minutes, leading to a change in the pH and even the usable Vitamin C from an orange, for example.

No two strands of hair contain fully identical signature-waves information, therefore it is essential to use at least four hair strands, freshly taken from the area of the nape of the neck, for each transfer.

The S-Wave Coil acts like a microphone, picking up all of the signature-waves data in the surrounding space from 50 cm around and up to 1 meter above. When the hair samples are placed on the coil this signature-waves data becomes the loudest element, like a person speaking into the microphone and cutting out the other background noise. If you conduct a test without hair on the coil, we will still get information from the surrounding wave environment (background noise) and will return a completed statement. Please ensure that the scan is conducted at least 50 cm from the computer and without strip-lights, fans, air-conditioning units or other electrical sources immediately overhead.

The individualised "Environmental Statement"

The information obtained from the indexing process is represented in the charts and tables of the
Environmental Statement, which indicates the specific areas of interest for the individual.

In the past this data was largely thought to be irrelevant, due to its constant change, however
Science is now proving that this view of epigenetics is important, as it has a crucial influence over the body's physical expression.

The new body of science believes that by reducing the impact of our polluted environment on our own body's field, will ultimately lead to a position which is more conducive and harmonious to better gene expression.

The body takes times to adapt to the changes in diet, nutrition and lifestyle that might be followed after reviewing your Environmental Statement. It is best to follow any given protocol for 90-days before submitting your hair for further Environmental indexing.

Currently the Environmental S-Drive may be the only device which offers access to this information in such an easy, trouble free and affordable way. We hope that you enjoy using it and come to fully understand the great influence that it can have in people's lives.









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